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Art Davie is the name behind Ultimate Fighting Championship, better known as UFC. Bruce Lee's vision of MMA is fulfilled through UFC to an extent. Art Davie's brainchild is UFC. He and twenty-eight investors started the WOW promotions. The business plan was to mould the tournament into a television franchise. SEG became WOW promotions' pay-per-view television partner in May 1993. 


Earlier editions of the competition had few rules. Groin strikes, fish-hooking and head-butting was some of the allowed techniques. Though biting and eye-gouging were banned, the violent nature of the competition took some time to change.

From the early 2000s to the mid-2010s, UFC grow in popularity and the support was overwhelming. Even the 2008 economic crisis didn't affect the development. UFC 100 garnered 1.6 million buys in 2009. Reaching new heights has then become a routine for the promotion.

Dana White

Travelling with UFC since January 2001 as its president, Dana White is a symbol of managerial success. White has expanded the horizon of Mixed Martial Arts by grabbing opportunities at the right times. In May 2017, Dana White's Contender Series was launched. It is a feeder competition and preps the fighters for the bigger picture.

UFC 2022

When it comes to UFC, if an era ends in a division, another division is going through a change and the other is at its peak. This arrangement balances most of the things and keeps the audience engaged. While Khabib Nurmagomodev’s early retirement was indeed a huge loss, Kamaru Usman’s rise and Israel Adesanya’s title victories quenched fans’ thirst to some level.

Francis Ngannou became the heavyweight champion defeating Stipe Miocic earlier in March. Adesanya is still the middleweight champion, successfully defending his title for more than two years. Nearing a three-year reign, Kamaru Usman shows no intention of slowing down.

The Brazilian lioness Amanda Nunes holds the belts in both bantamweight and featherweight divisions. Current flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko lost to Nunes in a bantamweight title fight. The women’s division in UFC is getting real traction these days. It won’t be long before an internal reform breaks out.

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